Sunday, August 1, 2010

A New Addition!

Hey everyone, so I've gotten behind on this blog because my wife had the baby early! It's a baby boy and he and his mom are both doing well. For internet purposes we're going to refer to him as Mark Rypien Jr. He's three weeks old now and we're starting to settle back into a schedule.

So how has this affected my pile of shame? Not as much as I thought it would honestly. He sleeps almost all of the time and there's a lot of late nights waiting for his next feeding. I'm too exhausted during my free time to do anything more productive than watch TV or play videogames.

During the hospital stay I did make some more progress on Pokemon Platinum. The DSI XL was very handy in that situation and I was even able to do some web browsing from it.

I've also still managed to keep playing Rock Band 2 which I thought would definitely stop. I play it during the day when he's sleeping to much to wake him up. So I've made some more progress in the World Tour mode and finally unlocked a few more achievements.

I've also continued my obsession with soccer games by continuing to play 2010 FIFA World Cup and FIFA 10. I've started playing FIFA's Utimate Team mode which has the same appeal of Fantasy Football. You buy packs of cards that will give you random players that you can then put into multiple teams. There are bronze, silver, and gold level players. This is important because some tournaments you can enter have requirements like all players must be silver or the maximum player level is bronze. There is a team chemistry aspect that doesn't seem to work very well.  Players from the same club team, country, or league have a "chemistry" together. The more players from the same club in proximate positions the better your team should play together theoretically. It doesn't to really work though. Fielded the best players seems to give you a better team than fielding a team with the best chemistry.

I've also been playing Darksiders. It's has been billed as Zelda meets God of War and it lives up to that description. It doesn't have the complexity of either  Legend of Zelda puzzles and dungeons or the combo system of God of War. It still ends up being a good combo of mechanics. The gameplay is polished and the level design is varied enough. I'm having a lot of fun with it though its one of those games that's hard to describe what makes it so enjoyable.

I've also recently bought Prince of Persia 2008 to add yet another game to my pile of shame. I've only played it a little bit but I've enoyed it so far. I like the cel-shaded art design and the easy to pick up controls. Many people complained about the "no-fail" mechanic of the characer Elika saving you everytime you fall and returning you to a spot just before you fell. I have no problem with this, I actualy like it a lot, it takes away some of the frustration of failing at the same jump over and over.

So, that's it for the past few weeks. I'm going to keep plugging away at Rock Band 2 and Darksiders. Catch you all later.

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