Thursday, March 25, 2010

AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track Pack

I was totally in the mood for some Rock Band 2 today after I waited for the bus for an hour this afternoon! But by the time I got home I had a headache. After dinner I felt better and did play Rock Band. Some AC/DC Live Track Pack that is.  It was after 10 (after 30 Rock) so it was too late to rock out on the drums. So I played a few songs on Guitar in the Medium Solo Tour.

It's not on my pile of shame yet, because I just got it a few a weeks ago, and I have to have owned a game at least 6 months and it has be at least two years old before I consider part of my pile of shame. Otherwise I still
consider it to be a game I am currently playing. At least that's the logic I just made up this instant.

It's fine I ended up playing it on guitar  because I was down to the last few songs on the drum solo tour when I got to "Let There Be Rock". That song is just stupid on the drums. Far too much pedal. I should have never decided to start on Medium instead of Easy. So I think I may be finishing the tour on Guitar.

It's really regrettable that AC/DC Live was based on the Rock Band 1 engine. It would be nice to change difficulty at will like you can in Rock Band 2. And play the same tour with friends or by yourself. And it would be really nice if you were actually playing as AC/DC. It seems kind of lame to be performing live AC/DC songs as random schmoes.

As for the actual songs, they're pretty good but not great. The energy is captured nicely, but I don't like the note-tracking as much as I do for the Who or Pixies DLC. The live thing is good in concept, but the songs tend to get a bit repetitive and overlong, especially when you're waiting almost half a minute between notes at times. People who love AC/DC will definitely have fun with this Track Pack though.

In sort of related thoughts; I'm excited about the Green Day:Rock Band. I loved The Beatles:Rock Band and if Green Day gets the same sort of treatment I think the game will be pretty sweet. A lot of people are complaining about the choice of Green Day. Green Day's career is more varied than most people think and they've had plenty of big hits. Also I don't think they really get the credit they deserve for their musicianship. It's not Stephen Sondheim, but its not just three-chord Punk-Pop either.

Anyway, I'm hoping to play some Rock Band 2 drums sometime this weekend....

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hello Internet World!

Welcome to my new blog!  My name is Mark and like many people I have a large stack of unfinished games, books, and movies. The most egregious pile of shame I have is the videogame one with almost 50 games I haven't finished.

This idea came about because we are going to be moving soon and I was trying consolidate my possessions. While organizing all my media I noticed how many games I owned that I haven't really put much time into. So I thought, I really should play these  games or get rid of them. So I'm going to try to play through them. I thought it might be interesting to blog about that process.


  • For one to save money and get something out of the investment I already put into this large pile. Even if I only paid $5 for each game, that is still over $200 of money spent that I haven't gotten much entertainment out of yet. I'm going to downgrade my Gamefly account to decrease that bill which will also give me more gaming time to tackle this pile. 
  • My fondest memories of games are of one that I have completed. "Lesser" games that I have played to completion have been more memorable to me than "great" games I only played a few hours of. 
  • While searching the Internet I didn't find any recent blogs that covered this specific topic. I think it could open up some interesting discussions. 

  • I will try to play one of the games on my list at least once a week and blog about it. I will possibly post more and will probably play more than that but my goal is once a week. 
  • I will play every game on the easiest difficulty. The point is to get through the games and experience them; not prove my mettle as a gamer. I have never felt a game wasn't fun because it was too easy (aside from some sports and music games), only because it  was too hard.
  • If I get stuck I will use a guide or a walkthrough. Getting stuck at a frustrating part is the main reason I shelve a game. I will define "getting stuck" as failing at the same task three times or more. I have no qualms about walkthroughs, I have rarely felt remorse for using one.
  • I will define "completing" a game as finishing the single-player story or campaign mode. I have not yet decided what to do if I am unable to finish a game. 

  • The list is of games I currenlty own copies of. 
  • The list ordered based on criticial acclaim, a few podcasts I want to listen to (like Rebel FM's Game Club), a desire to play games in a series chronologically, and personal preference. Rock Band 2 is at the top of the list because I'm having a kid soon and the rocking out will have to be kept to a minimum. 
  • My goal is have taken at least 10 games off my list by a year from now. 
  • I have a full-time job, a wonderful wife, will soon have a new baby, three other sites that I write for, and a normal life full of other hobbies so I may miss a week or two occasionally. 
I am planning on kicking this blog of for realzies at the beginning of April. I'd love to hear what you guys think. Feel free to comment with gameplay tips, thoughts on the games,  opinion which games you'd  like to me to tackle next, or anything else. Let me know, I look forward to any feedback.       

So check back in a week or so for the first "real" post.