Wednesday, July 7, 2010

World Cup Fever and the Steam Sale

So my pile of shame has grown quite a bit the last few days thanks to the massive Steam sale going on. I picked up the CodeMasters Racing Pack, Trine, Zeno Clash, Crysis Warhead, Shatter, Beat Hazard, Torchlight, Toki Tori.

My brother has Shatter on his Ps3 and it is definitely my favorite of the "brick-breaker" games, largely due to the twists it puts on the genre. Beat Hazard is a twin stick shooter that creates levels based on your music. So it has a similar idea to Audio Surf but is executed differently. It is a rather fun take on the twin-stick shooter and has some great visual effects. I've played a little of Toki Tori and have been a bit disappointed in it. It is a decent action puzzler, I am little perplexed at the critical reception it got. I haven't even installed most of the other games I downloaded yet. Got save some space on the hard drive!

Of all the games in CodeMasters Racing Pack the only one I've been playing is FUEL. Which is at the very bottom of my list and the worst reviewed game on it. I've enjoyed myself so far, but I've only played a few minutes. I tell you what though, the 360 controller for Windows I bought doesn't seem like such a waste now.

Back on the 360 all of my gaming has been eaten up by 2010 FIFA World Cup. The controls, graphics, and gameplay are all virtually identical to FIFA 10. World Cup probably should be a mode in the main FIFA game. But if it was people wouldn't shell out 60 bucks simply to play a World Cup mode.

My complaints with the game being noted, the online World Cup is implemented very well. You don't have to join an actual World Cup tournament in progress. You can play the games whenever you want, because after you face one opponent in your group you don't face them again in the Group Stage. So you're still trying qualify against them even if you're all playing at different times.

The rest of the game is quality as well, so if you need a World Cup game, I would recommend this. If you have FIFA 10 or Pro Evo this isn't an improvement in terms of gameplay. But this is the only licensed World Cup simulation.

That's it for this week. I'm going to keep plugging away at Rock Band 2 and hopefully start to make some headway on my list. Buying a new game every week isn't helping my cause though.

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